Registration & Borrowing

All borrowers must be registered and have a valid library card in order to borrow library materials.

To obtain a new library card, patrons must:

1. Present a photo ID, such as
• a driver’s license
• a junior operator license (learner’s permit)
• a passport
• a high school or college ID
• a State issued photo ID, including welfare, Medicaid, or FID card (Federal ID)

2. Present proof of current address, such as
• recently cancelled mail with current address
• a driver’s license with current address
• a junior operator license (learner’s permit) with current address
• re-printed bank checks with current address
• a lease
• up-to-date car registration
• a FID card
• a high school or college report card

Applications by persons 13 years of age and younger require a parent or guardian’s signature. The applicant’s parent or guardian must be a registered borrower and is responsible for any lost or overdue material borrowed by their child.

If an applicant under the age of 18 is unable to provide proof of their identity and address as described above, they may have a parent or guardian who is a registered borrower attest to their identity and co-sign their Library registration card.

If an applicant does not have one of the residence verifications listed above, a letter dated within the last 21 days from a social services provider or temporary employer that provides housing or a short-term residence may be provided. The letter must be on the provider’s official letterhead and verify name, date of birth, and the specific time frame of residence. The letter must verify physical residence, not just a PO Box.

The card, when received, makes the borrower responsible for all items borrowed, and requires him/her to abide by library rules and regulations, to report a change of address and to report immediately the loss of his/her library card. There is no charge for replacement library cards.

1. Books may be checked out for three weeks.
2. There is a 14 day loan on DVDs and audio books.
3. Music cds may be checked out for two weeks.
4. Periodicals may be checked out for one week.
5. Reference books do not leave the library.

There is a 20 DVD limit per person. A maximum of 50 items may be checked out by an individual patron at a time. However the Director has the right to make exceptions regarding special collections and in special instances (holiday related items, school projects, etc.).

Holds may be placed in person, online, or over the phone. Patrons will be notified by phone or e-mail when reserved material is available.

Revised 6/12/13