Photograph and Video Policy

The Fobes Memorial Library periodically sponsors or conducts programs or projects during which there may be photographs or videos of participants, adults and children attending library programs, taken from time to time by staff. These photographs or videos may be taken as a record of the event, for publicity purposes, or to be submitted to the local newspaper or library publications as part of the promotion and encouragement of use of the library. The parent or guardian of the child who participates with the child or whose child participates in a library program or project is deemed to have given permission individually and as parent or guardian for the participant, whether an adult or child, to be photographed or videoed with other participants in the library event and/or is deemed to have waived any objection to such pictures or videos.

However, it is library policy that no information about an adult participant, parent or guardian, or child will be included in any publicity, other than the picture or video, without the written consent of the individual adult or of the parent or guardian who brings the child to or permits the child to participate in the library program. Library personnel will only use and release the specific information which a parent or guardian supplies to the library on the Photograph/Video Information Release Form which is maintained in the library records and is applicable to all library events after being filed with the library. A Photograph/Video Information Release Form may not be completed or signed for a child by anyone other than a parent or guardian of the child.

The library is responsible only for those photographs or videos that are taken by library staff. Generally speaking, events, projects, or programs sponsored by a library, whether or not conducted in or on library premises, is a public event. The Fobes Memorial Library waives any and all responsibility for any photographs or videos that may be taken by other attendees of a library program, by any local or regional newspaper personnel, or by personnel of any other entity attending the public library function.