High School Volunteer Policy

The Fobes Memorial Library in Oakham provides volunteer opportunities for high school students needing to earn community service volunteer hours for graduation.  Volunteers will participate in assignments essential to the library’s mission. Possible volunteer duties include: tutoring; helping with special projects, programs and events; re-shelving books and other materials; and “shelf reading” (Making certain that materials were shelved correctly and shifting books where necessary.).

Volunteers are subject to the requirements of this policy and all other library policies.

Selection of Volunteers:

  • Volunteers  are selected based on their qualifications to meet the library’s needs and their ability to commit to a consistent schedule of hours.
  • Prospective volunteers must be a rising 9th grader or older.
  • Students must complete a Volunteer Application Form.  The form requires a parent or guardian’s signature.
  • Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation from adults other than family members.
  • The Library Director will review the application and schedule an interview with the prospective volunteer if the application meets all requirements.
  • The library may check references and has absolute authority to decline a volunteer application.
  • Volunteers age 18 or over must agree to a CORI check prior to beginning volunteer work at the library.

General Guidelines:

  • Volunteers should have the ability to interact with patrons, library staff and other volunteers in a positive and pleasant manner.
  • Volunteers must exhibit willingness to learn and to do the assigned work effectively.
  • Volunteer duties often require standing, lifting, bending, reaching, etc.
  • Volunteers must sign in and out time worked in the volunteer log and are expected to report to work at the scheduled time. Volunteers should notify the librarian as soon as possible if they will be late or absent.
  • Socializing with friends during scheduled volunteer time is discouraged.
  • Volunteers are representatives of the library and follow the same work and behavior codes as employees. They work with the status of “at-will” employees.
  • Volunteers may not work at library service desks or replace paid staff.
  • By law, all patron information is confidential.  Volunteers should not reveal any personal information to anyone.
  • Volunteers may be subject to evaluation, correction, and possibly termination in the best interest of the library.
  • To end a volunteer commitment, volunteers should notify the Library Director of that decision and the effective date.

Revised 4/2/13.