Gift Policy

Please note: The library is not currently accepting book donations.

The Friends of the Fobes Memorial Library, Inc. welcome donations of books and other suitable materials to the library’s collection on an as needed basis only; for example, when there is an upcoming book sale. Donated materials are received with the understanding that they are ultimately accepted subject to the approval of the Library Director and/or the Board of Trustees. While donations may be added to the collection, most are used for library book sales or are donated to other nonprofit organizations. Because of limited space and because the library has access to other libraries’ collections through inter-library loan, the relevance of materials to our collection is especially considered.

The library will not agree to separate treatment for gift materials. All accepted materials become the property of the library and can be displayed, donated or discarded at will.

Generally the library will not accept items that would be purchased or otherwise added to the collection. Memorabilia and works of art are examples of the kinds of items that the library would not buy from its regular budget. At the discretion of the board, there may be occasional exceptions to this provision as in the case of items the library would purchase but cannot afford.

The library does not affix a dollar amount for donations accepted for inclusion in the collection. If requested, the patron may receive a statement from the library. It is the responsibility of the donor to list titles of the items and affix a value if necessary.

The library may request donations be brought in at set times throughout the year according to storage capacity or upcoming book sales.

Revised 5/8/13