Program Attendance Policy

The library hosts many fun and educational programs for the benefit of the children in our community, including many after school programs. 


Regarding after school programs:

Children ages 8+ are encouraged to attend our free after school programs. Children ages 5-7 are also welcome to attend these programs (with the exception of our children’s sewing classes) without being accompanied by a parent/guardian so long as:

  1. Parents/guardians check in with a library staff member via phone, email, or in person visit prior to sending their child to an after school program for the first time.
  2. Parents/guardians understand that library staff may ask them not to send their young child to programs that are geared towards an older audience.
  3. Child participates in the scheduled activity.

All parents/guardians must complete this form prior to their child attending an after school program for the first time. Forms should be updated annually.

PLEASE NOTE: Children ages 8+ who come to the library after school but choose NOT to participate in the scheduled program will be treated as regular library patrons and will not be supervised to the extent that we supervise children who are participating in the program. Children under age 8 should not come to the library after school without a parent/guardian unless they plan to participate in the scheduled program.


All children attending library programs are subject to our Appropriate Library Use Policy. 

Our approach for handling behavioral issues is as follows:

  1. A verbal warning and discussion about why those actions are inappropriate for a library setting.
  2. A break from play to go over the library’s policies again.
  3. Calling parents/guardians for an early pick-up from the library program. 
  4. Being asked to skip a week of library programs. 
  5. Being asked to skip a month of library programs. 
  6. Being asked to not return to any library programs for the remainder of the school year.
Revised 12/21/19