Q. Do you have wifi?

A. Yes. The password is “guest” without the quotation marks. Wifi is available inside the library during our regular open hours. You can also access the internet outside the library 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. Where can I park?

A. There are six parking spaces on Maple Street; three abutting Post Office Square and three in front of the library. There is also a parking lot, which includes a handicapped spot behind the library on Ware Corner Road. Parking in the library’s lot during library hours is reserved for library patrons only.

Q. Where are your restrooms?

A. We have two restrooms on the lower Crombie level next to the children’s DVDs shelf.

Q. Does the Library have a changing station for children in diapers?

A. Yes, one of our bathrooms is so equipped. It is identified by a “Koala Kare” decal on the door.

Q. Do you offer popular down-loadable e-books for my kindle/nook/ipad?

A. Yes! Free downloadable e-books and audiobooks are available for our patrons through the Libby app on Overdrive, funded by the Massachusetts Library System. Easy step-by-step instructions are available here.

Additionally, if you are a Massachusetts resident you are eligible to apply for a Boston Public Library eCard. With an eCard from the Boston Public Library you may download e-books. Click here to apply for an eCard from the BPL. You may also download books that are in the public domain at Project Gutenberg or Google Books.

Q. How accessible is the building to patrons with disabilities?

A. We offer one dedicated “handicapped” parking spot in our parking lot. There is a power operated door on the lower Crombie level next to the parking lot. The Library is equipped with a wheel-chair lift style elevator that allows access to the Library’s upper and lower levels. Both of our restrooms are “handicapped” accessible. There is a “handicapped” accessible book drop located by the back entrance of the library near the “handicapped” parking spot.

Q. How do I get a library card?

A. You must complete a registration card at the Library. Adults are required to present a photo ID and proof of address. Individuals 13 years of age or younger require the signature of a parent or guardian. See our Registration Policy for details.

Q. Does the library have a fax machine that I can use?

A. Yes. Faxing costs 50 cents a page. Please ask a librarian for assistance.

Q.  May I suggest that the library purchase certain books and movies?

A. Yes!  The library encourages patrons’ recommendations.  Please email the library with the book/movie title, author, and reason you believe the book would be a valuable addition our collection. Click here to email the library.